5 Ways Couples Page Can Increase Efficiency & Customer Experience At Your Wedding Venue

Tuesday, 7th February, 2017
Hotel Marketing

Couples Page is an innovative tool provided by Peritus Digital for hotels and wedding venues, which helps their guests to plan their special day with minimal fuss and hassle. 
The benefits for those planning their wedding are clear – this streamlined platform makes tasks like compiling the guestlist and connecting with suppliers a breeze. But what about the benefits it has for the venue itself? Couples Page can increase the overall efficiency of running a wedding venue in many ways, as well as enhancing the customer experience across the board. Here’s how: 

Admin Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard on Couples Page gives hotel managers, marketing staff and the reception team an at-a-glance overview of all the upcoming weddings they have to prepare for. This all-in-one hub draws all strands of the wedding together – it lets hotels know which suppliers will be turning up, how many guests they should be expecting, and what services each guest has booked (spa treatments, wake-up calls, additional meals, etc).

Statistics Help Focus Your Online Marketing Strategy

Big data had a great year in 2016, and even more businesses are learning how to leverage this data to their advantage in 2017. Couples Page collects data and offers a range of different statistics which can help you improve not only customer experience, but the efficiency of your venue. You can see where you’re making the most revenue, as well as identifying missed opportunities which you can rectify in the future.


Couples Page comes with an extensive support network, so if you hit a dead end or are unsure of how to make the most of a certain tool, you won’t need to wait hours on the phone for a solution. With online instructions, as well as email assistance and a dedicated telephone line, the support team at Couples Page is on hand to ensure the system works for you and your venue.

More Efficient Marketing Strategy

Couples Page allows hotels to create highly efficient marketing strategies, with the ability to aim their promotions at an audience of qualified leads. This means that you can save money on less effective marketing streams (perhaps PPC or local billboards) by focusing on a marketing method which is guaranteed to work. When your marketing is more efficient, you’ll notice you’re getting better ROI from your marketing budget on the whole. 

Streamlined Bookings

The booking system on Couples Page is incredibly simple. Should guests wish to reserve a room at your establishment to attend a wedding, they can simply navigate straight from Couples Page to your booking form, cutting out the middleman and ensuring a totally efficient process. These bookings then go into the ‘Venue Diary’, a simple tool showing the hotel staff information about occupancy and events on certain dates. 
Want to learn more about how Couples Page can boost your occupancy and help you become a more efficient wedding venue? Contact our team today to discuss your needs.