How To Offer The Complete Wedding Service For Your Clients

Thursday, 9th February, 2017
How To Offer The Complete Wedding Service For Your Clients

A wedding is intended to be a special and memorable day – for many people, it’s the best day of their lives, with all of their friends and family coming together to celebrate the love they have for their significant other.

As a hotel or other form of wedding venue, you play an essential role in helping your clients enjoy this special occasion. You have an obligation to go above and beyond to ensure their experience while planning their wedding at your venue is a positive one, and it’s important that you’re truly able to ‘go the extra mile’ when looking after your wedding clients.

If you’re a hotel manager or wedding venue operator, take a look at these wonderful ways you can offer a more complete wedding service for your clients:

Provide a wedding planner

Many hotels and wedding venues offer a wedding planner to their clients to help things to run smoothly, and to ensure that the planning process is stress-free for the happy couple. The planner can help organize things like food and cake tasting sessions at the hotel, as well as liaising with chosen suppliers like florists and musicians, helping them to set-up on the day. This takes a load off the mind of the bride and groom and ensures the day will run like clockwork.

Offer a wedding planning platform

If you really want to go above and beyond for your clients, you can offer them a free wedding planning tool like Couples Page. Couples Page is a comprehensive platform with a multitude of features to make planning a wedding simple. There’s a to-do list, the ability to manage the guest list and send out invites, a section to connect with suppliers and the ability to send out relevant information to all guests (directions to the venue, recommended accommodation, etc). Having this all-in-one tool provided for free is certainly going to make the soon-to-be bride and groom feel incredibly satisfied about choosing your venue.


Weddings bring in a huge amount of business to a hotel, from the guests booking rooms to stay over, to the amount spent in the bar during the reception. Many hotels choose to thank the bride and groom for choosing their establishment by offering some freebies or complimentary extras. From offering the bridal suite at no extra charge, to ensuring that your client’s first breakfast as man and wife is delivered to their door the morning after, these little touches can make the wedding feel even more special.

Introduce to suppliers

One great way to provide a stellar service for your wedding customers is to help them connect with approved suppliers. These are suppliers which you know will do a fantastic job – true professionals with great services at reasonable rates. Using a platform like Couples Page, you can allow these recognised suppliers to promote their services directly to your wedding clients and their guests, for a streamlined process which benefits everyone. 

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