Writing Content for SEO

Friday, 2nd February, 2018
Writing Content for SEO - Red Surfboards

Writing Content for S.E.O.

If you write content for your website in the hope of improving your search engine ranking position, be warned that things have changed over the years and what used to work could now well get your website penalised. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing, tagging with keywords, spammy links etc.

The most important thing you need to try and achieve is how to best solve the searcher's query.

So for example, if you searcher is looking for a "the best red surfboard" how can you present your information so that your page is perceived by search engines as being the best for solving the searcher's task? Perhaps you can by helping to find the right solution for "red surfboards". This will be a page that obviously helps the searcher know that it is a page that specialises in surfboards and within that, there is an option to choose "red" surfboards where there is lots of useful information on how best to choose "the best red surfboard".

Try to put yourself in the searcher's shoes, and think about the searchers intent. In days gone by, you might have created a page for "the best red surfboard". However, before you do that, you may wish to think about what the searcher is really looking for. They are looking for longboards, shortboards, foamies, funboard, bodyboards etc? So rather than creating a separate page for each one, think about the searchers intent, and create the best page possible that satisfies it.

There are certain things that are still important in content creation for SEO benefits...

The URL that you use should help to be relevant to the searcher's inquiry. Using our red surfboard example, www.cool-surfers-url /the-best-red-surfboard

The meta description which is not used for rankings, but it is read by searchers. So if you have a spammy meta description that satisfies the searcher's inquiry it is more likely to be clicked.



Meta- "Red surfboards, surfboards that are red, red surfboards, surfboards that are red. 



Meta - This page will help you to choose the best red surfboard suitable to your needs, we have a huge selection of longboards, shortboards, foamies, funboard, bodyboards for you to choose from.

When searchers see a meta description that includes the words and phrases that is relevant to their search query they will more likely to click it. The more clicks, as long as they are engaged by the content they see will tend to mean better search engine rankings.

If you have pictures on your page, the alt attribute should be appropriately named, Google Images is highly searched, so could easily generate its own traffic.

Try to use words and phrases that the search engines commonly associate with the relevant query for your business can potentially boost your search engine ranking position. 

If you need help with content creation for SEO please don't hesitate to contact us to see how we can help you.