7 out of 10 humans prefer mobile!

Browsing your website via a mobile phone

Did you know that up to 70% of searches are made from mobile phones these days depending upon the business category and this is only set to grow?

Research shows that people still prefer desktop computers to do their online banking where only 39% accessed via mobile, but in categories, such as food and drink, health and sports most browsing (70%) is done on mobile.

In a recent meeting between one of Google Directors and Peritus Digital, the advice they gave us was to concentrate our client's efforts on mobile. They said that is where the future lies and that Google would reward websites that give a good user experience to their customers who access their website on their mobile phones.

Interestingly, most web designers and clients when working on their websites tend to do so from their nice large screens where they can scrutinise their images and logos in minute detail, however, the reality for a consumer is very different.

Have you thought about your customer's experience of your business via a mobile phone? If not, you should, as 7 out of 10 will be looking at your website on a mobile device.