Is Your Landing Page Up to Scratch?

Landing Pages for PPC campaigns

In order to get your clients the best value for money on their PPC ad campaigns on both Google and Bing, your landing page needs to be highly relevant.

This will effect your campaign’s “quality score” and affect how often Google and Bing will show it to potential customers. If your landing page on offer is not relevant to the search it is less likely for the customer to click on it. This creates a loose / loose situation as Google looses its authority as they are not showing their audience the right ads for the service they are enquiring about and the customers are not clicking on the ads so Google cant charge you for the click. A far better situation will be to create landing pages specific for each set of keywords that you are targeting.

Above is an example of a page that we have created for our client Tree Surgeons - AJ Paine & Sons choosing to target the key search term “Tree Stump Removal”.

How relevant are your landing pages?

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