Are you wasting money on Google Shopping?

Google Shopping Experts

A prospective client asked me to review their Google Shopping Campaign and I unfortunately had to tell him that he had been wasting his money for three months on Google Shopping. Unfortunately his ads were not optimised at all to the consumer he was trying to reach.

This is how to optimise your products for Google Shopping:

Google Shopping can be great at attracting new customers, however it is important to ensure that you optimise your products in much the same way you would want to optimise your products for normal SEO.

Google works out when your product listing ads appear and for which search queries. The factors that Google considers when deciding where to place your ads include your Google Shopping product data feed and your AdWords bids to determine what search queries trigger your advertising to run.

To improve the probability of your ads appearing higher up in the search results there are some important areas you need to optimise.

Ensuring that all the your product images are high quality.  Making sure that you include all the relevant information in your Google Shopping listing. This includes the ID, Title, Description, Google product category, Product type, Link, Mobile link, Image link, Additional image link, Condition, Availability, Availability date, Price, and Sale price. You will need to ensure that you organize and order the keywords in the title and description. It is important to ensure that your listing is up to date with all the necessary information, and remove listings for products you no longer sell, which could have a negative impact.

If you follow this advice, your Google Shopping Ads stand a much higher chance of success and will start making you more money.

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