What is a Shopify Partner?

What is a Shopify Partner?

Peritus Digital are proud to be accredited as a Shopify Partner. 

So what does a Shopify Partner Do?

A Shopify Partner can help you build your business online especially if you are selling physical products. Peritus Digital can help create an online store. Shopify is especially good for designing and managing your online store across multiple channels like Google Shopping and Facebook. Shopify has a proven track E Commerce record as it is used by over 800,000 businesses in countries all over the world including many "Blue Chip" companies.   

Your Shopify online store is easy to build with and can be made ready to optimize with other online channels and is really easy to update and maintain your store.

Your Shopify Store is also set up so that it is automatically GDPR compliant, ensuring that your customers personal data is protected.

Shopify's greatest asset is its ability to integrate with other platforms like Google Shopping & Facebook. If you’ve tried marketing your business online before, you may know that E-Commerce advertising isn’t easy. Peritus Digital have spent years learning how to drive traffic to Shopify sites and turn that traffic into profitable sales.

This experience can help turn traffic into sales, and a lot of our clients will work with us to handle the advertising side of their business. This creates time for them to actually manage their online store and building sales for their business.

A good Shopify Partner should be able to help you in one or more of the following areas:

If you don’t feel confident in these areas, it could be a good idea to hire a Shopify Partner like Peritus Digital to help your business grow online

Peritus Digital will charge a monthly fee to manage your marketing efforts that can vary significantly depending on how much you are spending on advertising. However, our business can only thrive if we deliver great value for money so why not ask Peritus Digital if they can help your business grow?