Our Web Builder Goes Live!

Peritus Web Builder

After months of development we are pleased to announce the launch of our new Web Builder!

Why have we built the Web Builder? Well our staff have been building websites since 8 B.G. (Before Google) or 1998 if you prefer using the conventional calendar!

Initially websites were expensive, often clunky, full of code and affordable only by only larger businesses. As technology improved, websites have become more affordable so that most businesses were able to have one. However, the platforms used to build these websites were often complicated to use and relied on 'plugins' (code written by third party developers) that posed security risks and slowed down the loading speed of websites. Additionally, businesses often felt that making changes to their websites would require the help of a developer which took time and cost money.

We felt there was an opportunity to build a low cost, easy to use, drag and drop, fully mobile responsive, website builder that had built in SEO tools. That is why we built the Peritus Web Builder so that clients could easily create website of their own, or get them built cheaply by us, but then manage their websites themselves.

Check Out Our New Web Builder Here