Mighty Sky Film

The Brief

Mighty Sky have years of experience in the drone business and redefine aerial cinema. Their old website contained bugs and glitches and wanted their new website design to reflect and show off the imagery and photography that they create every day.

The Process

Peritus Digital worked with Mighty Sky Film to resource the relevant content and imagery from their old website. We built a new website in Drupal 7 improving on code quality, design, performance and SEO from the ground up. Since their company is based on imagery, Peritus Digital paid particular attention to optmising the qulaity and size of images so that the performance wasn't affected too much. 

The Result

Mighty Sky Film now have an easy to navigate, impressive portfolio website. Viewers are able to discover the services that Mighty Sky offer, the equipment they use and the projects they've worked on before to show off what they can achieve. Their website also contains well positioned, key word rich quality content to allow potential customers to find them on search engines.