The Brief

TicketEase needed a ticket selling platform that was able to bolt-on to existing client websites or could be intergrated into a completely new website for them. Not only did they require this ticket selling system but they also needed a new website for them to advertise their offering.

The Process

Working closely with the TicketEase team, Peritus Digital discovered the features and functions to be included within the ticket selling system and began building using Drupal 7. Whilst the developers worked on the functions side, our designers set about creating the company website and a base theme for their clients ticket selling page.  

The Result

An innovative events and ticket selling platform that gives clients the right branding and design, marketing tools, a user riendly dashboard and rep management to manage their events. The TicketEase company website allows viewers to quickly see what they offer, their prices, an online enquiry form as well as the option to immediately sign up online.