Totnes Museum

The Brief

Peritus Digital were asked to help Totnes Museum raise attendance at their Museum by becoming more visible on line.

The Process

Peritus Digital researched the customer journey of those looking to inspiration for their days out and holidays in Totnes on-line. This identified certain areas that could be improved in terms of the way the users interacted with the existing website and how it was optimised for search engine optimisation SEO.

The Result

Peritus Digital created a new drag and drop website that was easy to edit. The website integrates with social media channels, tripadvisor and the museum blog. We also increased the amount of content on the website and put a plan in place to target the relevant keywords for the business to help improve the SEO performance of the museum. We also worked with the museum volunteers to encourage more reviews from visitors in order to have a positive impact on numbers.

To date the new strategy combined with a new pricing structure has managed to increase visitor numbers by 50% year on year.