What is Search Engine Optimisation?

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. The function of SEO is to improve the position that your website appears on search results returned by search engines such as Google or Bing. 

How to get the most out of SEO Research

Here at Peritus Digital our SEO Experts can help you achieve a better SEO ranking by researching your target audience’s search habits online. From this we can begin to understand the keywords that your customers are using and we can suggest how the content and structure of your website can be altered to make your website more relevant in Google’s eyes to the search terms used.

What SEO Services do we provide

In addition to the content and structure of a website, there are many other details about your website that are investigated by the search engine’s algorithm before it determines which ranking position to assign to your website. 


SEO Tools

Well coded websites will appear higher in search rankings than those websites that use poorly built code. Peritus Digital will analyse the performance of your website from an SEO perspective. This will include analysis of the following SEO criteria:

SEO - Amount of content

How many words does your website have on each page? The amount of quality content on a website has been shown to correlate with its search engine ranking.

SEO - Freshness

Updating a website regularly can make search engines like Google and Bing “spider” more often, so it will be faster at indexing your changes. Also, visitors perceive up-to-date websites as more credible and are likely to dismiss websites as irrelevant if the content was written a long time ago. Recently updated websites will outperform websites than have not been updated in a long time for SEO.

SEO Tools

SEO - Internal links

How many links does your website have internally and how well signposted are those links? Peritus Digital’s will show you how this can be improved.

SEO - Incoming links

How many external websites link to yours? Websites with more, relevant, links and links to high traffic, well respected websites will rank higher in SEO terms than those that have less links.

SEO - Domain Age

The earlier your website is registered the better from an SEO perspective as it implies that the business has been around for longer and is therefore more likely to be more sound.

Social Media Marketing

SEO - Popularity

Peritus Digital will ascertain how popular your website is in comparison to other website. Less popular websites appear lower down on search engines.

SEO- Social interest

How many facebook likes, twitter followers do your social media profiles have? Do you have a Google + page? Businesses with a lower social media following will be ranked lower by search engines than those have more.

SEO - Facebook page.

Does your website have a link to your facebook page and does that  facebook page link back to your website?

SEO - Twitter

How many twitter followers does your business have? How often do you tweet? A business that has many followers and tweets regularly about relevant topics will perform better in SEO than those that do not.

Mobile Responsive

SEO - Mobile

Is your website mobile responsive? Is its content readable on mobile phones and tablets? We will test to see whether your website is optimised for mobile devices. Mobiles and tablets are increasingly used to browse the web. Most websites are not designed to work on the smaller screen sizes that these devices have, so it is considered best practice to make your website adapt to give the visitor a better experience. Websites that are optimised for mobile will perform better in search engine rankings than those that are not.

SEO - Images

Does your website use defined image sizes? If your website does not have defined sizes in its code, it will prevent your customer’s browser from loading the images quickly. These attributes although optional, are strongly recommended, as they help the browser arrange the page faster, which is better for SEO as faster loading website will rank higher than those that take longer.


SEO Metatags

SEO - Meta tags

Peritus Digital will check whether metadata (a type of hidden information on a webpage) is present, and being used correctly. In particular, this includes meta tags. Some metadata has great value, particularly to search engines. Correct use of metadata can improve your placement in search engines, but more importantly how your website appears when in a search engine. In particular, the description meta tag, is frequently shown in Google beneath the link to a specific result. Well written Meta Tags will have a positive effect upon search engine optimisation.

SEO- URL Format

We will check that the format of URLs on your website are appropriate. The URL, otherwise known as the address of the page, is what appears in the address bar at the top of your web browser. Clean, good, easy to remember, URLs are also more likely to appear higher in search engines than dirty URLs.


SEO - Page titles

Peritus Digital’s tests whether the page titles that are used on your website are displayed correctly. A page title exclusively refers to the ‘title’ tag of a page, and nothing else.

All pages should have a title - this is one of the most important elements of a well built web page. The title is particularly important for several reasons as search engines pay specific attention to the words used in your page titles. They are emphasized more than the text in your pages, and help optimise your website for those words. It is therefore very important that the titles recognise the insights that you gained when undertaking your Google Research. Titles should be clear on every webpage, but it is important that the titles are varied and appropriate for the keywords you are which to rank well on for SEO reasons.

SEO - Headings

We will test the headings used your website are appropriate for use in your page. Headings with the correct tags are good for search engine optimisation and helps visitors without a visual browser access your content.

Website Analytics

SEO - Analytics

Does your website have an analytic code inserted into your website? 
Analytics is an important tool in understanding the mechanics of a well performing website. Modern analytics solutions give a site owner a wealth of information about their site, often for free. In order to make the best of a site, analytics is an invaluable tool and is recognised by search engines that will rank websites with analytic codes higher than those that do not.

SEO - Printability

Peritus Digital’s will test to see if the content of your website is suitable for printing. A well-built website will enable its users to print off content in a printer friendly format.  Websites that achieve this will perform better in SEO than those that do not have printer friendly content.

SEO - Server behaviour

There are many ways to improve the efficiency of a website and how it's treated by search engines by configuring the website's server settings. Well built websites that perform better in search engine rankings will be configured correctly.