The Benefits of Targeted Marketing for Hotels

Wednesday, 8th February, 2017
The Benefits of Targeted Marketing for Hotels

When it comes to increasing hotel bookings and boosting loyalty among clients and other guests, there’s one marketing strategy that stands high and shoulders above the rest: targeted marketing. 
Targeted marketing has been defined as ‘the process of identifying customers and promoting products and services via mediums that are likely to reach those potential customers’. Basically, it’s a strategy which helps business owners better understand their customers, creating a more personalised experience that boosts conversions. 

This approach has a multitude of benefits for hotels and other businesses in the hospitality sector – let’s take a look at some of the main advantages of targeted marketing within this industry.

Better understanding of hotel guests’ needs

A targeted marketing approach requires that you classify and categorise each of your guests with different criteria. For example – are the guests visiting your hotel for business or for leisure? Are they travelling with family members or with a colleague? The answers to these questions can help you better understand each guest’s needs, so that you can tailor your communications and services more effectively.

For example – a couple booking into your hotel for a romantic break would receive a very different set of emails than a guest checking in for a business trip. The couple may receive information about your in-house spa or local romantic restaurants, while your business guest might prefer information about local co-working spaces and the latest financial newspapers.

Identify new marketing opportunities

Targeted marketing also gives hotel operators the ability to identify new opportunities for revenue. For example, imagine your hotel is hosting a wedding, with rooms reserved for the bride and groom, as well as their guests. In the aftermath of the big day, the hotel could send out an email to all guests who attended with a short marketing message: “Thinking of getting hitched yourself? We’d love to welcome you back to our hotel as husband and wife!” 

Alternatively, the hotel could reach out to the bride and groom for their first anniversary: “We’d love to welcome you back to celebrate your anniversary in the special place where your marriage began!” By getting to know your guests in this way, you can target them more effectively for follow-ups and other opportunities.  

Enhanced customer experience

This more personal approach to welcoming guests is a great way to boost the customer experience in general – which can lead to an increased number of bookings. If a guest at your hotel had a particularly great experience thanks to your targeted, personal marketing methods, they’re far more likely to recommend your venue to a friend, or even return for another visit at a later date. 

How Couples Page helps your targeted marketing endeavours

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