Pertius Launches Couples Page - an Innovation in Hotel Marketing

Hotel Marketing Strategy

Peritus Digital is proud to launch Couples Page as its very own product to help hotels and venues to book more weddings, increase customer satisfaction and increase profits. Couples Page is an integral part to any hotel online marketing strategy as it's designed from the ground up as a hotel marketing service which links hotels, couples, guests and suppliers in a mutually beneficial collaberative network. This network allows each party to benefit from the other users of the site.

Couples can make use of the website and planning service to allow their wedding day to run smoothly and giving them a great customer experience. The hotel, already heavily involved in the wedding planning, can now have access to the guests invited to the wedding, allowing them to sell additional services and drive repeat custom. Suppliers advertising through Couples Page can advertise direct to source to the people getting married also linking to the hotel boosts SEO for both parties' websites. Finally, the guests get an easy to use, streamlined platform allowing them to seamlessly book into their friends wedding.

Couples Page is an absolute marketing must for any hotel looking to increase its wedding booking, guest occupancy and customer satisfaction. Contact Peritus Digital today to start improving your hotel advertisement and online marketing strategies.