Vehicle Save

The Brief

To design and build a bespoke Drupal 7 installation, with customised front end theme, and full CMS editing capabilities for a set of users with admin roles for Vehicle Save, a vehicle leasing company. To increase the ranking of the Vehicle Save website across a broad variety of search terms to improve visibility and drive more commerce traffic to the website.

To provide a new website for Vehicle Save with both public-facing aspects and protected areas accessible only to registered users. Registered users that are representatives of Vehicle Save can log in to the website and update details for vehicles, manage content and add new material.

Anonymous users browsing the public facing side of the website will be able to refine an advanced search through various options and sliders in order to filter results into applicable categories.

The website was built using Drupal 7 with many usability features to make the site easy to use. The management of vehicles is accessible through a manual edit form for each vehicle, or by mass import using a CSV and custom built feed importer.

The Process

When developing the website, we followed the following key points:

1.    A clean, modern layout.
2.    A simple defined user journey to improve user experience.
3.    Implementation of Social Media accounts using the proper API to improve interaction, and keep a regularly updated date on the website.
4.    A simple admin log in, and management area using text editors, image upload widgets and other user experience tools to improve the simplicity of editing the website.
5.    Using the latest practices to provide a modern capable website on any size of screen, with full support for the entire range of smart phones, tablets and devices.
6.    Using the best coding standards to improve the website performance, functionality and loading times.

The backbone of the website was the importation and correct use of CAP data from the national database. This would allow vehicle information to be fed into the website automatically and allow for growth in Vehicle Save's offering in the future.

The Result

The Vehicle Save website offers its customers easy to navigate pages about the company, a fast search engine filtering leasing deals and the choices of a call back option, enquiry form or an online application. Due to the large amount of data being loaded onto the website, care has been taken at every step to ensure speedy load times for the end user. Every vehicle page includes its details, specifications, interactive pricing options and related deals as well as an SEO friendly description. The website also contains pages that target vehicle manufacturers keywords and descriptions to drive more traffic into the site.