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Peritus Digital help our clients to reach more customers and increase sales through Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns on Google and Microsoft (formerly Bing).

Expertly set up Pay Per Click Advertising campaigns can help to:

  1. Drive Sales
  2. Generate Leads
  3. Increase Website Visits
  4. Influence Consideration
  5. Build Awareness

Peritus Digital have a proven track record in building strong PPC campaigns for our clients that deliver a strong return on investment:


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PPC Advertising Specialist - Peritus Digital

Effective PPC Campaigns are based on Relevance

Our campaigns are designed to connect the right people, at the right time, with the right message to achieve our desired objective.

Advertising camapigns can appear on Google Search, YouTube, and other partner websites, just when someone is looking for relevant products or services.

Our campaigns are tailor made to deliver our agreed objectives.

This includes:

  • Setting the right bidding strategy and locations
  • Creating relevant Ad Groups for each area of business.
  • Choosing only relevant keywords that our target audience are using to research our product or service.
  • Designing impactful ads that will encourage potential clients to click
  • Creating Landing Pages that will answer the searchers query & start the sale process

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PPC Advertising Specialist - Peritus Digital

Well thought out PPC advertising campaigns

A good pay per click campaign will have well written ads that are relevant to your audience’s searches that will direct the customer to a highly relevant page on your website specifically dealing with their query.

Both Google and Microsoft reward advertisers who have the most relevant landing pages for their searchers term, and the more relevant you can make it, the more likely your customer will buy from you rather than your competitors.

Peritus Digital work with all clients, large and small, to create hardworking PPC campaigns. 

The campaign set up and management will be completed by experienced campaign planner Angus Ogilvy-Stuart who is an digital marketing expert with over 30 years of media buying experience.


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PPC Advertising Specialist - Peritus Digital

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